Suspected hit-and-run driver tries to hide in cul-de-sac

Police say man hit multiple cars on Eisenhauer Road

SAN ANTONIO – Police found a suspected hit-and-run driver Sunday hiding out in a cul-de-sac, close to a mile and a half away from the crash scene and his front bumper.

The driver who was detained at Grasmere Court, a dead-end street on the Northeast side, had rear-ended a vehicle near Eisenhauer Road and Glendora Avenue, San Antonio police said. It appeared the driver left his bumper at the original scene.

Police and a man from the rear-ended vehicle said the driver then hit a trash can and at least one other vehicle as he made a U-turn to get away.

Officers trying to piece together the man's trail say he may have hit even more cars.

Multiple people, including at least one of the drivers of a car that was hit, tried to follow the driver, police said, and one saw him try to hide in Grasmere Court.

Forrest Wieding, a Grasmere Court resident, said he also saw the damaged car pull up.

"It was weird. I was feeding the cats and I saw this car just drive slowly, no lights on," Wieding said. "I look closely. I was like 'Wow he's got no front end.' So I was like - I just kind of went nonchalantly in my car - in my house - and locked it. Then I was kind of watching him, and then maybe like four or five minutes later the cop pulled up and got him out and put him in the back."

There were no reported injuries from the crashes, and it was not clear exactly what charges the man might face.

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