TSA: How to prepare for holiday travel

Holiday travel means long lines at security, additional items with carry-ons

SAN ANTONIO – The holiday season marks the busiest time of the year for airports nationwide with millions of people traveling each day.

Because the holiday airport traffic typically means long lines at the security gate, TSA agents at San Antonio International Airport are offering some tips for travelers.

TSA is advising travelers to leave both real and replica weapons at home and make sure liquids, such as alcohol, are within the size limit.

For those who are traveling with gifts, TSA said to make sure items are unwrapped.

"Use a bag or use a box or just don't wrap it until you get to that destination," a TSA agent said. "It makes it a lot easier for us and for the passenger (and) for us to be able to check it out without damaging the property or their wrapping paper."

TSA said if there are any questions or concerns, its website offers a full list of prohibited items along with some additional tips to keep in mind.

Since more than 41 million passengers nationwide are expected to be screened by TSA during Dec. 15-Jan. 5, the agency is recommending people arrive at their airport at least two hours before their departure.

During that same time period, TSA said they anticipate to screen about 41,000 more than last year.

TSA said travelers should also expect to take off their shoes and separate large electronics from carry-on luggage at the security gate.

Click here to visit TSA's website for more information.

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