Video shows chaos in North Side bar following deadly shooting

Terrence Lamont Scott, 26, killed at Chaser's Sports Bar, police say

SAN ANTONIO – The Medical Examiner's office identified a man fatally shot at a North Side sports bar early Saturday morning.

Police arrived at the scene of the shooting to find people running out of the bar through the front and back doors.

When police got inside the bar, they discovered Terrence Lamont Scott, 26, dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

Witnesses told police the gunman, a man in his 20s who was wearing all red, fled the scene.

Later, officers received a call from a local hospital reporting a woman had come in with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. She said she was shot at the bar, according to police.

Gabriel Aguayo said he was at the bar when the shooting occurred. He said he initially mistook the gunshots for music and started running when he realized it was gunfire.

"People were getting trampled. My friend was being trampled in the process. I had to pick her up," he said.

"I got outside. We were looking for cops. There was just complete chaos."

He said he went back inside the bar approximately 10 minutes after the shooting and began filming the chaos around him.

In the video, one person is heard shouting in disbelief, "Come on, bro. Come on, man," and bar stools are seen strewn throughout the bar as people in the bar are told to clear out.

Aguayo said seeing Scott on the ground made him feel sad.

"He was young - real young. You know? And it just - it broke my heart to see somebody just go like just having a fun time."

Aguayo said he "knew something was going to happen because there was no like, no security whatsoever. They were just letting people going in. I mean the place was packed. Like something was bound to happen. You know, I feel, and I had a bad feeling about that."

KSAT reached out to Chaser's via Facebook asking about the bar's security. The person who responded on the account said they had three armed security guards, and that men who want to come in are patted down while women have their bags checked.

They wrote in part, "So the person or persons responsible had to go through great measures to sneak a gun in with armed security!"

The gunman is still at large.

Warning: language used in the video below may not be suitable for all audiences.

About the Authors:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.