New Bexar County DA Gonzales turns down LaHood's offer of help

DA prepares for major murder trials, including McKane, 'killer nurse' cases

SAN ANTONIO – With the cases of Otis McKane, accused of killing a police officer and Genene Jones, the convicted "killer nurse" facing another trial, on his desk, Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales admits he has his hands full as he winds up his first week on the job.

While Gonzales is familiar with the cases, it's a matter of some tedious hands-on work.

"I have not been able to review witness statements, photographs, any physical of scientific evidence that may be contained in those files," he said.

As he left office last month, former District Attorney Nicholas "Nico" La Hood offered to help Gonzales with the Jones case.

"If the incoming DA doesn't feel like they can handle those cases, or they know enough about it because it's an involved case, myself, Jason Goss and Jay Norton will present ourselves as special prosecutors," LaHood said.

Gonzales had a quick reply to the offer.

"It was a gracious offer, but no thanks," he said. "I will assure him and everybody else in Bexar County that we're very well-equipped to handle Genene Jones and every other case that crosses our desk."

Gonzales said his senior staff is working on priorities and setting trial dates, which will take time.

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