Sea World trainer providing care and training for more than 400 animals

Year of the Woman: Catherine Brown

SAN ANTONIO – Sea World San Antonio is home to hundreds of animals and one woman is behind their care and training.

Catherine Brown has been with Sea World San Antonio for about 20 years and it was actually a trip to the park in college that made her change her career path.

"I was doing a behind the scenes tour at this park and I realized people got paid to take care of animals," Brown said. "I realized I wanted to be able to do that and changed my major."

Brown has since been able to travel all over helping animals and training them at the park to be Sea World Ambassadors. 

Her staff helps her each day to make sure the animals have food, their habitats are clean and also take them out to introduce them to guests and students. 

"I have a team of over 400 animals," Brown said. "Not only do we have birds but we have reptiles, small mammals and I have a staff of almost 20 ambassadors that help to provide world class care to all those animals."

Brown, a single mother of two, says that even though the work can get hard its all worth it when she gets to show the animals to kids and she hopes to inspire other girls to follow in her foot steps.

"If you work hard, put your heart into and you are adventurous that really opens up a lot of doors," Brown said.

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