Results unchanged after vote recount in San Antonio District 2 race

Denise Gutierrez-Homer files request for recount

SAN ANTONIO – UPDATE: A recount in the race for the San Antonio District 2 City Council seat has been completed, and the results did not change. 

Keith Toney and Jada Andrews-Sullivan will head to a runoff on June 8. 


The third-place finisher in the race for San Antonio City Council's District 2 seat has filed a request for a recount.

Denise Gutierrez-Homer was 59 votes away from the second-place finisher, Jada Andrews-Sullivan.

Currently, the runoff election is between the top two finishers, Andrews-Sullivan and first-place finisher, Keith Toney. Neither of them received 50 percent, plus one, of the vote, which is why the election is going to a runoff.

The recount is tentatively scheduled for May 14.

According to the Texas Secretary of State's website, a candidate can request a recount if "the difference between number of votes received by petitioner is less than 10 percent of the number of votes received by the person entitled to a place on the runoff ballot." In this case, 10 percent of Andrews 1,157 votes equals to about 115 votes, therefore, Gutierrez can request a recount.

The District 2 seat was left open after William "Cruz" Shaw resigned to become an associate judge of the 436th Judicial District Court. Art Hall was appointed to replace Shaw temporarily.

Three other San Antonio races are in a runoff, including the mayor's race. The runoff election is set for June 8.

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