Judge denies convicted killer Genene Jones' request to have seized items returned

SAN ANTONIO – During a hearing Wednesday in which convicted killer Genene Jones sought to have her Bible and other items seized from her prison cell returned, Judge Frank Castro granted her lawyer’s request for a competency trial.

But Castro denied the motion to have Jones’ Bible, address book and letters returned.

The items were seized from her prison cell in which she was serving a life sentence in the 1982 death of a Kerrville infant. 

The seizure happened in 2017, shortly after Jones, who has been dubbed "Killer Nurse," was indicted in the deaths of five infants under her care in the 1980s.

Jones' attorney, Cornelius Cox, scoffed at prosecutors' suggestions that the items may contain valuable evidence in those cases.

“We think it was more to harass and to annoy her than anything else," Cox said.

Assistant Bexar County District Attorney Catherine Babbitt countered, saying, “The Bible contains some handwriting, I’m not going to get into specifics on that, but that may or may not be relevant down the road.”

No date has been set for Jones’ competency trial, but it is expected to be scheduled in late August.

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