Same person may be responsible for overnight East Side shootings, police say

2 cars, home hit by gunfire on city's East Side

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police are investigating whether the same person may be responsible for at least two shootings on the city's East Side overnight.

Around 4 a.m. Tuesday, officers went to the 500 block of Blaine Street after receiving several calls about shots fired in the area.

"The callers ranged from one to two blocks around the perimeter of this location. Finally, we narrowed it down. We got a call here," said Sgt. Patrick Day with the San Antonio Police Department.

Investigators roped off the area and marked off what appeared to be more than a dozen shell casings on the ground.

Police quickly determined that no one had been injured by the gunfire.

However, they found two parked cars that had been hit.

While they were conducting that investigation, about eight more gunshots could be heard in the distance.

Within a few minutes, they began receiving 911 calls about shots fired into a home in the 2000 block of E. Crockett.

"It woke us up out of a sound sleep, stayed low and immediately called 911," said a man who lives in the home who asked not to be identified.

The homeowner said he and his girlfriend were startled by the sound of bullets hitting the front of their home.

"A few shots went through the window on the side there. We found a few casings inside," he said.

Although the couple was not hurt, about 10 bullet holes dotted the front of their home.

The homeowner said he had no idea why anyone would target him or his girlfriend.

As a precaution, the man said they may spend the night at another location.

"Waking you up out of a sound sleep and you're hearing gunshots, bullets hitting the house. Yes. It was a very scary situation," he said.

Investigators said there is a possibility the two overnight shootings may be connected, possibly committed by the same person or people.

Those shootings happened in the wake of a third but deadly shooting nearby Monday night.

Police went to a home in the 200 block of Blue Bonnet and found an 18-year-old man dead from a gunshot wound.

According to a preliminary report, investigators believe his wound may have been self-inflicted.

The report said a witness told police the man had purchased the gun earlier in the day for protection.

Police said it’s possible this shooting either may have been accidental or a suicide

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