Superheroes unite to save the day after villains 'attack' Texas children's hospital

Austin Police Department holds 5th annual Superheroes Day

What do kids love more than toys? Perhaps superheroes? Especially when said superheroes are saving toys that villains the Penguin and Killmonger have stolen.

That’s just what a handful of them did at an Austin children’s hospital Thursday.

In the fifth annual Superhero Day at Dell Children's Medical Center, Austin Police Department officers acted out a skit to provide a fun-filled day for hospital patients.

The hospitalized children who were able lined the windows inside and watched as the Penguin and Killmonger, who escaped from prison, stole their toys.

But the superheroes quickly swarmed in and rappelled down the walls from the top of the building.

The superheroes who came to the kids’ rescue included Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Black Widow, Ironman, Black Panther, the Flash, Ant-Man, the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Hawkeye and Spiderman, who turned upside down as he rappelled down the window, appearing as if he was sticking to the window.

The department wanted to be sure to recognize the everyday heroes, so Dr. Joseph Tayar, with the hospital’s staff, joined the team in saving the day.

Dr. Joseph Tayar

Much to the Penguin and Killmonger’s chagrin, the superheroes united and stopped them before they could get away with the kids’ toys.

The event was a hit with the kids, who got to meet the superheroes and take photos with them after the show.

The superheroes went to visit all the children who were unable to leave their rooms to watch the show.

Batman and the Penguin.

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