Witness: Woman pistol-whipped man after fatally shooting him

Maria Dolores Garcia on trial accused of killing Jonanthony Seguin

SAN ANTONIO – What witnesses later told police was a heated verbal argument punctuated with taunts and teasing, ended with a single gunshot to the head that killed Jonanthony Seguin.

Maria Dolores Garcia, 49, is on trial, accused of murder in the 36-year-old victim's death.

As week two of her trial began Monday, Juan Gallego told the jury he saw Garcia fire the fatal shot as Seguin stood in the middle of a West Side street.

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"I yelled out his name, 'Jon, Jon,' then, he turned around and he saw the gun and then he tried to take one step and run and that's when she shot him," Gallego testified.

What Garcia did next, he said, was shocking.

"(Garcia) walked up to him, she turned him over on his back and she hit him in the face and said, 'Look what you made me do you mother(expletive),'" Gallego said.

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Andy Ruiz, too, was there that night.

Ruiz witnessed the argument, the taunting and the laughing but not the shooting. He said he tried to warn Seguin.

"I told Jonanthony, I go, 'Jonanthony, don’t go near Delores, man. And he asked, 'Why?' and I said, 'Because she has a gun,'" Ruiz testified.

His warning came too late, Ruiz said.


"I heard a bang, pow, and I turned around and Jon was on the ground," Gallego testified.

Ruiz said that he didn’t see who fired the shot.

Prosecutors are expected to rest their case in Judge Lori Valenzuela's 437th District Court on Tuesday.

If convicted, Garcia faces a maximum punishment of life in prison.

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