Man injured in scaffolding collapse in downtown San Antonio speaks out

Family recounts collapse near Martin Street

SAN ANTONIO – A family of three recounted the night they say their lives flashed before their eyes after high winds caused a scaffold to collapse downtown.

Joe Rabago said he, his partner and their 17-month-old baby were waiting at the bus stop on Martin Street when the collapse happened.

“The wind just started picking up and it got stronger and faster and everything,” said Rabago. 

FIRST REPORT: 100-foot scaffolding collapses in downtown San Antonio; high winds blamed

He said what he saw next still has him in a state of shock. “From where I was at, it just tumbled over and that is when I heard all of that crashing metal,” said Rabago. 

The scaffold crashed down, damaging numerous cars and the St. Marks Episcopal Church. Fortunately, the trio made it out with only minor injuries.

WATCH: Drone video shows aftermath of scaffolding collapse in downtown San Antonio

“I got a bruise,” Rabago said. “Our baby got a little minor cut on her forehead and she fractured her little elbow and she got a bruise on her little lip.”

He said though their minor injuries are temporary, they are scarred on the inside as well.

Photos show 100-foot scaffolding collapse in downtown San Antonio

“It was horrific,” Rabago said. “We are traumatized because you don’t even know what to expect because it could happen to anybody. I am just thankful that we are alive and that It could have been a lot worse.”

He said he now hopes his experience inspires others to no take life for granted.

“It makes you think about life and you have to appreciate life more than what it really is,” Rabago said.

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