Trick-or-treating, haunted houses banned in Los Angeles due to COVID-19

Halloween is going virtual for Los Angeles residents

Kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween.
Kids out trick-or-treating for Halloween. (Pexels)

LOS ANGELES – The coronavirus pandemic has canceled a lot of events in 2020 and now officials with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health have banned trick-or-treating in 2020 due to concerns over COVID-19.

A press release from the city’s health department includes guidelines for Halloween’s most beloved past time and says trick-or-treating is banned because “it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors especially in neighborhoods that are popular with trick or treaters.”

Trunk-or-treating, where little ghouls and goblins go from car to car instead of house to house, is also banned.

Gatherings and parties with non-household members are not permitted and all haunted house attractions, carnivals, festivals and live entertainment for Los Angeles are banned.

So what are city officials allowing?

  • Online parties and contests
  • Car parades that comply with public health guidelines
  • Decorating your home, yard with Halloween decorations
  • Halloween movie nights at drive-in theaters
  • Halloween-themed meals at outdoor restaurants
  • Halloween-themed art installations at outdoor museums

San Antonio city officials have yet not released any information about guidelines for trick-or-treating amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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