Boy Scouts help spread the word about neighborhood watch association

Oak Park Northwood residents say there's been a spike in crime

By Deven Clarke - News Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - If you take a drive through the Oak Park Northwood neighborhood, you'll find clean streets and well kept homes, but peace advocates want to make sure that people who live here stay vigilant

"We've had chronic car break-ins, anywhere from petty crime, up to armed robbery," said Ben Shoenbaum, president of Oak Park Northwood Neighborhood Association.

On Sunday, Boy Scouts with Troop 345 divvied up flyers, hoping to let 3,700 residents know about the local neighborhood association, a place where Oak Park Northwood citizens can get acquainted, report suspicious activity and crime.

"I know my house was broken into, but the dude who actually robbed our house ended up leaving more stuff than he took. He left his bike, his gloves and all of his break in stuff and he didn't take anything from the house," said Connor Luetkenhaus, one of the Boy Scouts who volunteered.

Members of the neighborhood association hope the flyers help cut down on crime. For some neighbors who have lived in the area for 20 plus years, they said they feel safe at home and refuse to live in fear

"In general, I feel safe. As a woman (and) as a parent this is a very safe neighborhood, I don't think running around scared is the answer." resident Erica Dunn said.

"I don't think crime here is a big issue. I think most of our neighbors look out for each other" Mark Hamlin said.

According to the San Antonio Police Department's crime tracker website, within the past three months, the Oak Park Northwood neighborhood has seen less crime than some neighboring communities. Still some residents like the idea of prevention.

"I like the proactive part" said Dunn.

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