San Antonio couple forced to pay rent on apartment too damaged to live in after February winter storm

Couple says they have been given no firm date on when repairs to unit will be completed

SAN ANTONIO – Earlier this month, Tiffany Carmony and her fiancé, Brady Zygulski, paid rent for their first floor unit at The Redland, an apartment complex on the far North Side, even though they haven’t lived there since Feb. 15.

A water pipe in an apartment above their unit froze and then burst during the frigid winter storm that day, sending water cascading off of a balcony and, more regrettably, into the walls of the building, according to pictures provided by the couple to the KSAT 12 Defenders.

Water falls off a third-story balcony at The Redland apartments February 15. (KSAT)

The couple evacuated the apartment as water flooded into the unit, damaging the structure and many of their possessions and causing the drywall to bubble in several places.

Within two days of the flooding event, mold began to form near the apartment’s windows and along its window sills, according to pictures provided by the couple.

“It smelled horrible inside,” Carmony said.

While apartment management has taken steps to fix the unit, including replacing carpet and gutting walls in preparation to rebuild them, two months after the winter blast, Carmony and Zygulski said they have not been able to get a firm date from management on when the repairs will be completed.

“On top of everything else going on in our lives, we got displaced and we still have to pay rent for an apartment we can’t live in,” said Carmony, seated alongside Zygulski during a virtual interview earlier this month.

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