What’s Up South Texas!: Woman’s White House ornament collection blends love of Christmas and country

Army veteran’s wife collects White House Christmas ornaments

San Antonio – A San Antonio veteran’s wife is sharing her love for her country through her patriotic Christmas ornaments.

Mary Gustine has been collecting White House Christmas ornaments since 1985.

“My husband came in from a trip to Washington where he was still on active duty,” Gustine said. “During that time, he came in with a Christmas ornament and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.”

That simple gift started her beautiful collection.

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“It started my White House Historical Association White House ornament collection to where I have collected them every year,” Gustine said. “They started making them in 1981 and I was fortunate enough to get the early ones.”

Gustine, who is a retired teacher, said it was her calling to teach and share her passion for America’s history.

Gustine standing with her students (KSAT)

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