Have you seen this otter? It may still be wandering around north Texas

SA Zoo says the otter could be a pet that was lost or abandoned

LUCAS, TEXAS – An otter is on the loose in north Texas!

At least, that’s what one Lucas, Texas woman says after her Ring doorbell camera captured the otter on video.

You just never know what a Ring video doorbell might catch in Texas. Mallory from North Texas shared this with us. Perhaps it is a river otter, but unfortunately it may be an Asian Small Claw Otter pet that was lost or abandoned.

Posted by San Antonio Zoo on Thursday, January 16, 2020

The otter was spotted around 10:15 p.m. Monday.

Mallory Marszalek, the owner of the home near where the otter was spotted, said she didn’t know what to think of the situation and wasn’t sure who to call.

“We live in Lucas, which is a small suburb north of Dallas, but it’s a little more rural. Our city is only a population of about 10,000, about 12.5 square miles and for DFW, that’s small,” Marszalek said. “We have a lot of farms in our area and are always seeing coyotes and bobcats in the front yard and on Ring cameras, packs of coyotes even, but never an otter.”

The otter can be seen scurrying toward the camera around the home before circling back around and leaving the area.

Marszalek said the otter is still on the loose, to her knowledge, and neighbors are still searching.

"It was quite the surprise and honestly, the whole neighborhood has been searching for it, especially since we’ve had a lot of rain this week and our drainage ditches flood easily. No sign of him or her yet and I can only hope its made its way to somewhere safe, away from predators.

The San Antonio Zoo shared the video on Facebook and said it could be a river otter or an Asian Small Claw Otter pet that was lost or abandoned.

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