Community pushes for change after 10-year-old killed while riding bike to school

SAN ANTONIO – Crowds gathered on a bridge off Ranch View East and Remrock Valley to remember a fifth grade student who was hit by a car while riding her bike to school.

10-year-old girl riding bike to school fatally struck by vehicle

Resident Daniel Castillo said the child’s death was a tragedy no one expected to happen, but he believes it could have been prevented.

“If this can be prevented from happening again, I want to be one of the people to do it,” he said.

Castillo is petitioning for high visibility rails to be installed where the 10-year-old’s death happened.

According to a spokesperson with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, it’s suspected that the child’s backpack caused her to lose her balance and fall into oncoming traffic.

Castillo hopes the rails will keep students who commute to Kallison Elementry School safe from traffic.

“They don’t understand that there is a high amount of children here. So I believe a rail would really help,” Castillo said.

Resident Enrique Donnall agrees with Castillo and said the accident could have happened to anyone’s child.

“It could have been one of my kids,” Donall said.

Donnall said his children ride their bikes to school every morning. He signed Castillos petition, hoping for change.

“We actually (want to) get something done so this won't happen in the future,” Donall said.

Castillo hopes the change will bring back a sense of security for parents and students who commute on a bike or walk to school.

“The kids are going to keep walking to school and riding their bikes, and they shouldn’t be scared to do so,” he said.