Oops! Demolition company tears down wrong home in Dallas

Homeowner says he wants to be compensated for the value of the house and its sentimental value

Caution tape
Caution tape (Pixabay)

DALLAS, Texas – When you go to tear down a house, it’s probably a good idea to triple check the address.

That’s what one Texas company is learning after it demolished the wrong house, KTVT reports.

A crew tore down a 97-year-old house on the same street as the one that was actually supposed to be demoed.

The company’s owner says the home didn’t have any numbers on it and if there were numbers on the curb, they were covered by water and debris from recent rain.

Workers saw the house was empty, had no plumbing or electrical, was missing a foundation and had no gas meter.

So, they figured it was the right place.

Some neighbors suspected something was off.

“I got a call from my neighbor who lived across the alley and said they’re tearing down a perfectly good house do you know what’s going on and then he sent me the picture,” said Zach Basich, a neighbor.

The house is actually owned by a man who lives in California.

He inherited it from a friend who died three years ago and was planning to renovate it, KTVT reports.

He says he wants to be compensated for both the value of the house and its sentimental value.