Motorcyclist remembered as man with heart for his community

Michael Guerra loved to help others fix and learn about motorcycles.

San Antonio – Family members remembered a motorcyclist killed in a seven-vehicle crash Saturday as a man with a heart for helping others and someone who lived his life to the fullest.

Michael Guerra, 37, died after he was rear-ended on South West Military and South Flores Street.

San Antonio police said he was at a stop when a delivery truck crashed into a car, which then hit Guerra who was riding his motorcycle.

“I was in the garage working on a bike,” said Guerra’s brother, who asked not to be identified. “I got the call from another buddy of ours who said he saw something on Facebook. I don’t believe half the stuff on Facebook, but unfortunately, that was true.”

Guerra's brother said he is still trying to process not having his sibling with him anymore.

“He was a good brother from another mother,” his brother said. “There is nobody else like him. That is all I can say. When he drinks, he drinks from a fire hydrant. Anything he did, he did 111%.”

He said Guerra had a significant impact on the community.

“Everywhere he went, he was impacting someone,” Guerra's brother said. “He liked to help people, especially people who had a bike. He dedicated a lot of his time to nonprofits, like the Build a Bike program. He donated a lot of his time and knowledge to that.”

Guerra's brother said riding his bike was a beautiful escape for Guerra.

“Anyone who rides knows if you had an issue, you know it is five miles or five minutes, whichever comes first. Anything you have an issue with is gone. You have to be present in that moment, not thinking about the past," Guerra's brother said. "I think that is what kept him as grounded as he ever was. He liked Harleys or anything that was loud and fast.”

His brother said the last time he spoke with Guerra was when he stopped by their home to pick up some mail.

“It was like standard small talk, which was odd,” Guerra's brother said. “Small talk was never his thing. He was like, ‘If you need something, let me know.’”

After learning the details of how his brother died, Guerra's brother said he hopes this incident serves as awareness to others.

“Keep your eyes out for people riding their bikes, or be prepared to live with it for the rest of your life," he said.

Guerra's brother also said he hopes this encourages people to cherish their loved ones.

“Love your brothers and love your sisters, and if you think it is not going to happen to them, it does, and it did. So just treat every moment like it is your last, theirs and yours," his brother said.

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