Great Graduates 2020: Kaylee Burgess

Taft High School senior to attend Harvard this fall

SAN ANTONIO – It’s been an interesting school year for students in San Antonio -- especially graduating seniors due to the coronavirus pandemic.

KSAT 12 is shining a spotlight on some graduating seniors throughout the Alamo City.

Kaylee Burgess is a senior at Taft High School and she said she is excited about heading to Harvard in the fall.

It’s super exciting,” said Burgess. “It was a bit of a shock. It still feels a little unreal to think that I’m going to go to Harvard of all places.”

Burgess said she was in class in November when she got the email that she had been accepted to Harvard.

“It was really exciting to be able to tell everyone, so my mom cried, my closest teachers, they also cried,” said Burgess. “They were super happy for me.”

“Kaylee is a very bright student, but she’s a very humble person as well,” said Taft High School Principal Marti Cortinas-Fernandez. “When you meet Kaylee, you wouldn’t know that she comes with all the accolades she does and the awards that she does, very humble person, but certainly a very smart individual, a very caring individual as well.”

Burgess has won several awards while on the debate team at Taft.

She was in choir, student council, the National Honor Society and she had an independent study internship at State Sen. Jose Menendez’s office.

Burgess has two younger siblings. Her sister is in 6th grade and her brother is a freshman at Taft.

“He’s also incredibly bright,” said Burgess. “He got really high scores on his PSAT, so he looks up to me and my sister is a little sad about me leaving so, she wants to spend time with me now and we’re all doing that as a family.”

Burgess plans to pursue a degree in government and she says she is excited about learning new languages at Harvard.

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