Great Graduates 2020: Corinthea Hensley

Hensley plans on going to San Antonio College, then UTSA to study psychology

SAN ANTONIO – Before Spring Break and before the coronavirus pandemic, Corinthea Hensley graduated from high school.

“I motivated myself because I wanted to be able to graduate and it made me, I guess, realize my potential,” said Hensley.

Susan Theis, Allison Steele Learning Academy counselor, said Corinthea Hensley is a very passionate and motivated student.

“Corinthea is an amazing student,” said Theis. "She is talented. She’s creative, hard working. She is kind, just a big heart.

Hensley plans on going to San Antonio College and then to UTSA to study psychology.

"I realized if I can get past, you know, what I'm going through, I can I can use this to help other people," said Hensley. "And, that's why I wanted to get into psychology."

Although Hensley has a bright future ahead of her, she tells us there were times in her life when it was difficult to move forward.

"I was bullied in middle school," Hensley. "And, I went through some other things."

"Corinthea has had dark times," said Theis. "She has been through a pretty rough road, taken some hits, through no fault of her own, but she has her sights set on a bright future. She's had, you know, foster care workers, shelter workers, case managers involved in her life."

“That day that I finished everything and I graduated and they gave me my transcript, it was it was an amazing feeling,” said Hensley. “I like I finally got through this, my hard work paid off and that was awesome.”

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