Chicken N Pickle helps San Antonio’s hospital workers during the pandemic

Business wants to 'give back as much as we can because that’s our number one thing'

SAN ANTONIO – Pickleball is a fast-growing sport around the country.

There’s even a new location to play here in San Antonio called Chicken N Pickle. The business that started just as the pandemic hit is now working to help the medical professionals on the frontlines.

“It’s a mixture between volleyball and tennis rules on a tennis court like life-sized ping pong,” Michael Brian, Chicken N Pickle community engagement leader, said.

Pickleball isn’t new, but it is becoming more and more popular especially during this pandemic.

“You’re more than 12 feet away from your opponent so it’s perfect for the COVID times,” Brian said.

Chicken N Pickle-San Antonio demonstrates pickleball for Instant Replay Team


And it’s a sport anyone can join in on.

“So it’s very easy to play non-aggressive, great for all demographics,” Brian said.

Chicken N Pickle opened a few months ago just as the community started to feel the impact of the coronavirus — not an ideal time to start any business.

“We are by UTSA, we would have a great huge turn out almost every day with not just a college demographic but with the elderly to see the community, even the youth (since) we are by high schools,” Brian said.

San Antonio Chicken N Pickle grand opening set for June 26

Pickleball can be exhilarating and can be competitive in the business model. At Chicken N Pickle, the sport is meant to be enjoyable but now more than ever, it is about helping the community during a tough time.


“We’ve already donated over 3,000 free meals to essential workers. I just got finished being notified that we have another over 2,000 come to the University Hospital, again, for this month,” Brian said.

And as fun and interactive as pickleball is, helping out is the mission here.

“That we’re trying to definitely get the community involved here and give back as much as we can because that’s our number one thing,” Brian said.

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