San Antonio food truck owner says she’s lost 80% of her business due to coronavirus pandemic

Owner of Grouchy Mama’s Food Truck says they’re trying to adapt

Pearl Flores, owner of Grouchy Mama's food truck, says COVID-19 has caused her to lose about 80% of her business.

SAN ANTONIO – The owner of Grouchy Mama’s Food Truck says she has lost 80% of her business due to COVID-19.

“Well, it’s truly devastating,” Pearl Flores said.

She said with more people working from home, they no longer post up at their lunch spots. The pandemic has also canceled a lot of events, including Fiesta, that normally draws a lot of business for food truck owners.

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Flores said she and other food trucks owners have had to adapt to the times. They’ve started working with homeowner’s associations and serving food in those neighborhoods.

“Some of these places are kind of far, so you don’t really see restaurants for, like, miles. So it was convenient,” she said.

Some food trucks have also partnered with bars to serve food. It’s a win-win situation, as long as everyone follows the rules.

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“But the bars also are going to have to push the issue that the food has to be bought because without them, they can’t open,” Flores said.

You can watch Flores’ full interview in the player above.

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