Students at Buckner Fanning private school to return to classroom September 9

Students expected to wear masks

The head of Buckner Fanning School talks about how students are adjusting to the many changes COVID-19 has caused.
The head of Buckner Fanning School talks about how students are adjusting to the many changes COVID-19 has caused.

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Whether classes have already begun virtually or were put on hold, some local school districts have been implementing plans to return to campus after Labor day and Buckner Fanning private school is one of them.

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The Head of School Sharon Newman answered our KSAT Q&A’s ahead of the school’s reopening September 9. Only 50% of the students will be returning to the classroom while the other half will be taught by the same teacher virtually. Parents were given the option to send their child back. Newman said classes at Buckner Fanning do not have more than 10 students.

What’s your advice for parents when they decide if it’s right for their child to go back to class?

Newman said parents have the option to tour the school and evaluate the safety protocols in place. This might help them decide if they feel comfortable with the precautions. Newman said parents should first look at the child’s underlying health conditions then consider how they will learn best.

What to expect?

“The expectation is that everyone’s going to wear the mask,” Newman said. But for the early grades, Pre-K through kindergarten, masks will be worn on a case by case basis. For example, Newman said according to the doctor on their COVID committee, fiddling with masks can be more unsafe than not wearing one at all. So teachers will be able to allow students not to wear one if needed.

“Just know that your children are resilient and know that most of us are in education because we deeply love kids. And certainly their safety has always been our top priority, but never more so than this year. So whatever we ask them to do, whether it’s wear a mask or socially just be socially distant, it really is out of love and care and respect,” Newman explained.

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