‘We really need to be cautious': Residents in southeast neighborhood shocked after shooting death of woman

George Holland, 89, is charged in the deadly shooting of his wife

SAN ANTONIO – Christine Graham is still in shock days after a deadly shooting took place in her neighborhood.

According to San Antonio police, neighbors discovered Janice Holland, 82, dead inside her home off of Mendoza Street last week.

“No, no not here. They’re such a nice sweet couple," said Graham.

Police said she was shot several times and believe her husband, George Holland, 89, pulled the trigger. However, Graham found it hard to believe.

“I would not have thought him capable because he so frail and so withered by age," she said.

A spokesman for SAPD said the couple had health issues but have not disclosed what those were. Although a motive has not been released, Holland was charged with his wife’s murder.

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Judge Monique Diaz is with the Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence. She said it’s too early to determine the reason behind the shooting.

“We really need to be cautious. We need to let the process unfold," she said.

However, she believes it is never too late to help a family who may be in distress.

“What can we as a community do to try to help prevent these types of tragedies in the future?"

The judge said it’s important to keep an eye out for factors that lead to violent acts. She said emotional, psychological or even physical abuse can be a warning sign.

“Those are all indicators that there may be something greater going on or something worse that could happen in the future," the judge said.

However, she believes the death of Janice Holland is a tragedy no community should have to go through.

“This is a woman who was a neighbor, a friend, a daughter, a wife, a member of our community," she said.

If you are in need of shelter, counseling, legal or other services, call Family Violence Prevention Services at (210) 733-8810.

For protective orders, call the Family Justice Center at (210) 631-0100, or apply online at bexarcountyprotectiveorders.org. Lastly, to report abuse against the elderly, call Adult Protective Services at (800) 252-5400.

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