Port O’Connor residents brace for Tropical Storm Beta

The coastal community felt the effects of the storm Sunday evening

PORT O'CONNOR, TEXAS – Residents in Port O’Connor routine prepared to feel the impact of Tropical Storm Beta on Sunday.

However, part-time resident, David Rogers wasn’t concerned about the possible damage.

“It’s gonna cause it somewhere on the coast and I’ve never lived a few blocks away from water my whole life," said Rogers.

He said he has weathered bigger storms and hurricanes in his lifetime.

“I don’t see this as a big risk at all," he said.

Parts of the community saw flooding early Sunday evening. Cindy Hanson said it’s not uncommon when storms roll through the area.

“That’s what you typically see is the tides start to rise and that’s your first sign you’re getting a storm," she said.

Her home sits on the waterfront, it’s where she and her husband have lived for nine years. She said many of her neighbors had left.

However, the couple decided to stay. Hanson said her home could withstand a storm like Beta, but she would leave if she had to.

“We would not stay if it was really bad," Hanson said. "We would leave.”

John Casey and his wife said Beta isn’t enough to scare them away.

“I wouldn’t leave but there’s already a lot of people who say they’re not going to," said John.

He described the community as “tight-knit” and as a place where residents are there for one another.

“That’s what we do around here. We look out for one another," he said.

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