Kids are messy: This is how to get the stains out

CR experts offer tips on tackling grass, crayon, Play Doh, chocolate

SAN ANTONIO – If it stains, it’s bound to end up on your kids' clothing. It helps to act fast to clean 'em up, but if you can’t, a few household items and a good detergent can help.

Which is the best laundry stain remover?

Here is what Consumer Reports recommends:

Crayon: Remove as much of the crayon pieces as possible. Work dish detergent into the stain. After a few minutes, rub the fabric under warm water. Then, wash the clothing on the hottest water temperature the fabric will allow. Use regular laundry detergent and an oxygenated bleach, like OxiClean. Air dry and repeat if the stain remains.

Play-Doh: Do not use hot water. Let the Play-Doh dry. Use a stiff brush to loosen it from the fabric. Wash by hand with detergent and cold water.

Grass stains: Work in detergent with a toothbrush. Wait a few minutes and toss in the washing machine on the warmest water the fabric allows.

Chocolate: Dab off as much as you can. Work in detergent with a toothbrush. Let it rest a few minutes and wash on warm.

CR recommends OxiClean Max Force, a laundry pre-treater, for removing stains.

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