KSAT Kids: Top 5 educational video games that are also fun to play

Teachers agree the more fun kids have while learning, the more information they retain

KSAT12 anchors Mark Austin and Stephanie Serna list some fun and educational video games for kids.

It’s easy to assume many kids would rather be playing video games than going to school. As a result, C-NET put together a list of the five educational video games that are actually fun to play.

1. National Geographic Challenge:

With this quiz game kids learn about famous historical people, events, as well as geography.

2. World Rescue:

The player helps five heroes solve problems like deforestation, disease, and pollution. This game teaches kids about global problems, healthy living and geography. The game was developed with the help of ‘the united nations education scientific and cultural organization’.

3. Minecraft:

This game hasn’t lost much momentum since 2011, because of its creative way of helping kids developing problem solving, reading, and math skills.

The world building game lets players build a huge open world, craft tools, get resources, and defend their structures. Thanks to the multiplayer function, Minecraft also teaches about good teamwork and communication so much so, that many teachers are using it in classrooms.

4. The Oregon Trail:

Many of us have spent many hours trying to get ourselves and our wagon across the digital west without dying from dysentery. Developers continue to make updated revisions of the game that lets you trade, upgrade your wagon, and even encounter bandits along the trail. During the trip, kids learn about historic events, and develop problem solving and pre-planning skills.

5. Where on Google Earth is Carmen San Diego:

Google Earth is teaming up with the game’s developer to create brand new games about everyone’s favorite elusive vile operative. As new gumshoes collect clues, kids will learn capitals of states and countries, learn basic and even advanced geography, and figure out the locations of major historical events.

Most of this games mentioned are available on either major consoles, or on Android and Apple I-OS.

C-NET put together a list of some of the tip educational video games that are actually fun.

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