The best and worst Halloween candy for your teeth

Experts say sticky candies are horrible for your teeth

With Halloween and fall festivals coming up fast, you can bet kids will be coming home with lots of candy.

But some kinds of candy are better for your teeth than others.

Here’s what Oral Health professionals from University General Dentists say about the best and the worst candy to enjoy.

Let’s start with the bad news.

First up, sticky candy. The general rule is, the sticker it is, the worse it is. Any type of sticky candy from AirHeads, to Starburst, to Now-n-Laters, will stay on the teeth longer, which lets bacteria thrive on the sugar and cause tooth decay. even dried fruit can cause problems.

Next up is hard candy. Anything from jolly rangers, to peppermints is a problem. That’s because when you leave that kind of candy in your mouth longer, it exposes your teeth to more sugar, which means higher chances of cavities.

Finally, avoid sour candy. not only is it coated in sugar, it is also highly acidic, which is a horrible combination.

So what are some better options? Try candy with nuts. Most candy will stick to your teeth, but the crunch of nuts likes almonds, peanuts, or cashews can help take it off. They can also be a source of fiber and protein.

Next, try sugar-free candy. Since sugar is the number one enemy of teeth, this is your second best option. Dentists say sugar-free candy can also help with saliva production, which helps wash your mouth clean of bacteria and plaque.

Last but not least, chocolate. Dentists say it is the ‘best’ candy for teeth. That’s because it not only washes off teeth easier, you can also substitute milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Not only is it healthier, but some studies reveal that it can even help harden tooth enamel and help with fighting plaque.

So keep these types of candy in mind as you go through the treasures found in your trick-or-treat bucket.

About the Authors:

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