Some SA teachers given COVID-19 vaccine; service not available to all educators yet, CHRISTUS Health says

Spokesperson said they hope to be able to offer doses to educators soon

SAN ANTONIO – CHRISTUS Health has confirmed that some educators in the area were given COVID-19 vaccines, though doses are not currently offered to all educators during the beginning phases of distribution.

The hospital system said rumors of educators receiving the vaccine caught fire on social media nearly overnight.

In short, vaccines are not being offered to all teachers and educators.

Nikela Pradier, a public relations specialist with CHRISTUS Health, released the following statement regarding the vaccine distribution:

“Right now, we are still focusing on administering vaccines to those who are part of the Tier 1A population, which includes school *nurses.

“To ensure that we are good stewards of the vaccines that were allotted to us, we have *occasionally given doses to those in Tier 1B, which includes teachers.

However, we have not fully opened up our vaccines to all educators. We are hopeful that we will soon be able to openly offer vaccines to teachers and those in Tier 1B. But, again, we are not there yet. We will communicate this information when the time comes.”

According to Pradier, there were only “occasional instances,” when doses were made available to teachers. Pradier said each instance was handled case-by-case and there was “no methodology behind it.”

“It was to ensure that we continue to be good stewards of the vaccines allotted to us. But again, our only vaccine distribution plan, for now, includes the people identified as Tier 1A,” Pradier said. “We hope to expand to Tier 1B in the near future, as more guidance and vaccine doses become available.”

Read Texas’ vaccine distribution guidelines in full below:

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