Witness captures moments leading up to fireworks disaster at Northeast Side racing meetup

A street racing meet up led to two people seriously injured


SAN ANTONIO – A witness captured the moments of a street racing meetup on Sunday night in the Eisenhauer Market parking lot that turned into a chaotic scene after a fireworks disaster.

“I was looking out the window, and then I just see all the cars just start lining up, and then it just got crazy,” said Stephen Pecina, a Northeast Side resident.

Pecina was watching the chaos unfold at the parking lot.

“People doing donuts, hanging outside the window,” Pecina said.

San Antonio police arrived at the scene just before 11 p.m. to find about 200 racers in the parking lot.

Police said two men who were setting off fireworks were severely injured. One man had his hands blown off, and the other blew off some fingers and may have lost his eyesight, officials say.

Pecina said he’d seen other suspicious things in the past.

“Maybe a couple of cars here. They’ll line up, do a couple of donuts,” Pecina said.

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