VIDEO: 2 male penguins raise foster chick of different species at SeaWorld San Antonio

National Penguin Day is January 20; check out KSAT’s Penguin Cam!

Two male Gentoo penguins are raising a Chinstrap chick – a penguin of a different species – which has become a remarkable form of care for the egg.

SAN ANTONIO – Looking for something fun and cute to see rather than inauguration coverage on Wednesday? Don’t fret, KSAT has exactly what you need.

Since National Penguin Day is also this Wednesday, Jan. 20, SeaWorld San Antonio released video footage of two very special penguins.

Two male Gentoo penguins are currently raising a Chinstrap penguin chick -- a completely different species of penguin, and they have given it outstanding care!

SeaWorld San Antonio says back in 2017 a team of aviculturists observed the two male Gentoo penguins building a nest together, behaving as a pair, and taking turns guarding a nest site just as any expectant parent bird would.

The pair were so attentive to their nest site that, after much observation and trial, it was confirmed safe for the pair to serve as foster parents to the egg.

The Gentoo pair were given a Chinstrap penguin egg in need of fostering and not only did they incubate the egg, but they took turns caring for and feeding the chick since it recently hatched on Dec. 30. Isn’t that incredible?

Why do we celebrate National Penguin Day?

National Penguin Day and World Penguin Day were created to promote awareness for the endangerment of these amazing birds.

According to, people often celebrate World Penguin Day on April 25 by reading up on the different species of penguins in the world or dress in penguin colors. People also can donate to a non-profit organization.

National Penguin Day celebrates penguins and aims to help them by creating awareness and by focusing on environmental issues.

Penguin Cam: Chill with the penguins at SeaWorld San Antonio with 24/7 livestream

Think you can find the pair of penguins that was caring for the baby chick? SeaWorld and KSAT in October teamed up to create Penguin Cam -- a 24/7 view of the roughly 250 birds at SeaWorld San Antonio, which also includes four species of penguins: king, Gentoo, chinstrap and southern rockhopper.

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