‘Well, we got him’: Suspect accused of shooting Balcones Heights police officer in custody, Salazar says

Both suspects in the incident have now been apprehended, officials say

SAN ANTONIO – A suspect accused of shooting a Balcones Heights police officer earlier this week is now in custody, according to Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar.

“Well, we got him. We’re happy to bring Wilfredo Montemayor into custody today and it was no small task. Huge, huge amount of teamwork that went into this,” Salazar said.

Wilfredo Montemayor was taken into custody by BCSO SWAT deputies around 12:18 p.m., Saturday in the 2400 block of NE Loop 410.

Sheriff Salazar said an investigator saw a man, who looked to resemble Wilfredo, come out of the area this afternoon wearing a face mask and a beanie hat that covered most of his face.

Wilfredo changed his appearance as did his brother, according to Sheriff Salazar. Wilfredo shaved his head; however, his eyebrows still had lines shaved into them and that’s what helped investigators identify him.

The investigator, who was undercover, made contact with Wilfredo, exchanged pleasantries, walked away and then notified law enforcement that he was the suspect they were searching for.

Wilfredo was taken into custody moments later as he was walking down the 410 access road. Sheriff Salazar said Wilfredo was taken by surprise when groups of law enforcement showed up to arrest him. Still, he was cooperative with officials.

Wilfredo had a loaded handgun and narcotics inside of a fanny pack on him when he was arrested, Salazar said. He was ordered to drop it when officials apprehended him, and he complied.

During the questioning of Wilfredo, Salazar said it was shocking to hear the lack of remorse for his alleged actions in the shooting.

“It would chill your blood to hear the lack of emotion to hear him describe [the shooting],” Salazar said.

Wilfredo’s arrest comes just one day after Wilfredo’s brother, Sijifredo Montemayor, 30, was taken into custody in connection to the shooting. Both Wilfredo and Sijifredo are facing an attempted capital murder charge.

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Wilfredo is accused of shooting Balcones Heights Police Sergeant Joey Sepulveda and Sijifredo is suspected of driving the getaway car, officials said.

From left: Sijifredo Montemayor and Wilfredo Montemayor. (KSAT)

Sijifredo was discovered by Mexican authorities while he was trying to seek medical care for a gunshot wound he sustained during the incident.

Sgt. Sepulveda, who was shot in the neck and shoulder, was seriously wounded in the shooting, which happened Wednesday afternoon in the 6900 block of Interstate 10.

As of Saturday, officials said his recovery is going very well and Sgt. Sepulveda is making very good progress. He is still being treated in the hospital, but police said he is walking and doing very well, even though he still has a long way to go in his recovery.

Sepulveda has been in law enforcement for a little over 25 years, according to the NBPD.

We’ll bring more updates as they become available.

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