Family ducks bullets fired into their home two days in a row

Drive-by shooting left 2 homes with bullet holes

Family ducks bullets fired into their home two days in a row
Family ducks bullets fired into their home two days in a row

SAN ANTONIO – Two West Side families are reeling from the sight and sound of bullets hitting their homes two mornings in a row.

The latest shooting happened around 5 a.m. Monday.

San Antonio police say someone in a car took aim in the 400 block of Frio City Road and fired, hitting two homes.

Tina Rodriguez and five members of her family, including three children, were inside one of those homes.

“My seven-year-old daughter almost got hit. If it wasn’t for the lamp taking the hit, it probably would’ve killed my seven-year-old daughter,” she said. “My daughter got lucky. My mother got lucky.”

The close call actually came with the first shooting, which happened Sunday morning.

Bullets tore through a bedroom where Rodriguez and her daughter were sleeping.

Frio City Road shooting image. (KSAT)

When the shooter returned Monday, the family already had prepared for the worst.

“We all slept in the another room because we were all scared and worried that it was going to happen again, and sure enough, it did,” Rodriguez said.

In daylight, the bullet holes in her walls and those of the house next door were clearly visible.

Police said they weren’t sure who or what was the intended target.

They say some saw the shooter speeding away from the area in a dark-colored four-door car.

According to a sergeant at the scene, officers had been keeping an eye on the area in response to the initial shooting.

However, he said they had been called away to respond to another call when the shooter returned Monday morning.

Rodriguez says she is grateful no one in either home was hurt.

However, she said the shooter did destroy something that her daughter, who has disabilities, held near and dear to her heart – one of her toys.

“She wants them to know that they hurt her by hurting the only thing that she plays with, which is her toys,” Rodriguez said.

The family’s washing machine also was hit by bullets.

It’s an item they can replace.

What may not be as easy to recover, though, is their sense of security.


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