Leon Valley City leaders move forward with efforts to get rid of red light cameras program

City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to figure out a way to get out of the contract

LEON VALLEY, Texas – After receiving legal council, Leon Valley city leaders voted to write a letter supporting HB 1209.

The bill looks to void any existing contract that goes against a law passed in 2019 that outlaws the use of red light camera programs in Texas.

In early April, the council voted unanimously in support of finding a way to get out of the contract with Verra Mobility.

In 2019, the previous city council leaders voted to extend its contract with the company for up to 20 years.

The move on Tuesday was made despite several citizens who wrote in or spoke up during the council meeting in support of the red light cameras.

Many in support of the camera programs said that they have changed the driving behavior for those who drive along Bandera Road.

City Council said it would find another source of revenue to make up for the lost funds that the red-light camera program brings in.

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