Red light runners beware: Not paying fine could make it difficult to renew important documents

LEON VALLEY, Texas – Leon Valley has seen a 10 percent decrease in violations after it installed red light cameras throughout the city in January.

Many don’t know that those who refuse to pay their violation could have some difficulty when it comes time to renew their license.

The following fast facts explain more about the program and what happens when you don’t pay your violations:

  • Those caught running a red light are issued a $75 citation. There is a $25 late fee for those who don’t pay their ticket on time.

  • Every infraction is reviewed by Leon Valley police officers to determine if a ticket needs to be issued.

  • Those caught running a red light receive a civil violation, so it won't go on a driver's record. Drivers are able to appeal the ticket through the city.

  • If you don’t pay, your fine will go to the Department of Public Safety and you may not be able to renew your license or registration.

  • In three months, the city has recorded 25,000 events with 11 cameras, in which 18,000 citations have been issued. Only 5,772 citations have been paid.

  • Last month, the city received $300,000 from fines. There are still about 2,500 citations in the queue that have not been mailed out.

  • Four more cameras will be installed soon.

What Leon Valley Police Chief Joe Salvaggio is saying:

“In a short amount of time, we’re seeing a positive impact on the amount of violations.”

“It’s not a lesson they’re only learning in Leon Valley. Hopefully, it’s a lesson they are learning anywhere they drive.”

About the Authors:

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