Too much nagging by spouse may lead to an early death, researchers say

Study found men, especially those that don’t have a job, were affected most

It’s no secret that marriages can be both rewarding, and at the same time, very difficult to maintain. But did you know that a little too much nagging by a spouse can actually lead to an earlier death?

According to experts from, arguing a lot or being constantly berated by your spouse can actually shorten your life.

In the publishing in the journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, researchers found men, especially those that don’t have a job, were affected the most.

The study asked about 10,000 men and woman ages 36 to 52 about their social interactions everyday.

About 9% said they always or often experience demands or worries from their partner.

During the 11 year study, about 4% of women and 5% of men died, mostly due to cancer, but also things like liver disease from drinking, heart disease, and suicide.

The study also points out that even when taking into account things like gender, depression, available emotional support, and social class, those who had frequent demands placed on them had a 50 to 100% of a higher risk of early death.

That’s compared to those who live more peaceful lives.

Data also shows men were more vulnerable to frequent worries and demands.

Since those who were most affected were also unemployed, researchers say this could be due to lack of resources.

Experts say if you’re struggling with worrisome or demanding situations, it’s always a good idea to get professional help.

They can also help you with conflict management.

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