Loved ones heartbroken after St. Louis man shot, killed outside North Side gym

San Antonio police have not released any details about a possible suspect at this time

SAN ANTONIO – A family is heartbroken after their loved one was shot and killed outside of a North Side LA Fitness on Friday night.

Orlando Stuart, 24, was gunned down along with another victim after San Antonio police say the two had left the gym after an altercation inside.

“I was home when I got the call,” said Telvin Jones, Stuart’s loved one. “It was at night. I remember all of the crying and crying on the phone. She said, ‘They killed Lando.’”

Jones said his girlfriend’s daughter dated Stuart.

“He used to call me Unc,” he said. “He never called me stepdad. He called me Unc. We had a pretty good relationship. He was a pretty good kid and was respectful when he would come over. Anytime he wanted to know something about life, he would come to me.”

Jones said Stuart is from St. Louis but was living in San Antonio.

“He always had this big smile,” Jones said. “He would have this 2Pac kind of smile because they both were skinny but had a big smile. I would always say, ‘That damn Lando.’”

Jones said the gun violence in our community is heartbreaking.

“It is so easy nowadays to get your hands on guns, and it is so easy to just pull the trigger,” Jones said. “That one to five seconds to think could save you from going to prison and could keep this person alive.”

Jones stressed it is important to think wisely, even in a fit of rage.

“If (the gunman) would have thought about it, he wouldn’t be ducking and dodging right now,” Jones said. “If (the gunman) would have thought about it, Lando would probably still be here.”

The suspect is still at large. San Antonio police are asking anyone with any information to call 210-224-7867.

“We are praying for the judgement that is coming,” Jones said. “It is coming whether he runs away from it or not.”

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Japhanie Gray joined 10 News as an anchor in March 2022.

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