TEA monitor appointed to South San ISD to ‘address material deficiencies’

SAN ANTONIO – A monitor from the Texas Education Agency is being appointed to the South San Antonio Independent School District to “address material deficiencies in the district” between the board of trustees and the superintendent.

According to a letter from the TEA to South San ISD School Board President Ernesto Arellano and Superintendent Marc Puig, the appointment of a monitor comes after a two-year investigation found that school board members failed to “adequately collaborate” with Puig on actionable items that pertained to the district educational plan, which is a violation of the Texas Education Code.

The investigation also revealed that the school board “operated outside its authority” by contacting district staff to discuss district business, such as discipline and changing board agendas.

The letter also said that school board members contacted vendors, consultants, and other education organizations on behalf of the district without Puig’s knowledge.

The report said the board’s actions resulted in “a process which provided insufficient opportunity for the Superintendent or his staff to provide input outside of collecting information and preparing reports requested by the Board for the purposes of informing individual trustees and consultants hired by the Board,” the letter said.

The letter said if the issues aren’t corrected while the monitor is in place, the state agency may conduct additional investigations that could result in further sanctions.

You can read the letter from the TEA to the district below:

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