2 new cases of rabies confirmed in Kerrville; residents urged to keep close eye on pets

Two raccoons tested positive for rabies this week, and one of them came into contact with two dogs

Generic image of a raccoon. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

KERRVILLE, Texas – Two more cases of rabies have been confirmed in Kerrville, and city officials are now urging residents to keep an extra close eye on their pets and make sure they’re vaccinated against the illness.

Both of the cases were reported earlier this week after Kerrville County Animal Services tested two raccoons, both of whom came up positive.

“This morning (Saturday), I received lab test results back that showed both of the raccoons our department collected from two housing areas in Kerrville were positive for rabies,” said Kerr County Animal Services Director Reagan Givens in a release.

Both of the raccoons were found in the northwestern part of the city, according to Givens.

One raccoon was collected Tuesday from a homeowner’s yard on Galbraith Avenue, and just one day later, another raccoon was collected from a yard on West Davis Street. This raccoon also came into contact with two dogs, officials said.

The owner of the dogs has been notified that per Texas law, if the dog has been exposed to rabies and is currently vaccinated, that they should be revaccinated and restrained/confined for a period of 45 days, according to officials.

If the dog has not been vaccinated and is exposed, it should be vaccinated immediately and “placed in strict isolation for 90 days, with booster rabies vaccinations in the third and eighth weeks of isolation,” the release states.

Givens said both of these raccoons turned up positive for rabies, which totals seven rabies cases so far this year for Kerr County.

“You never know when a wild animal may enter your yard or come close to your home. So, we really can’t ever know when our pets or ourselves might be exposed. It is vital that we all be as vigilant as possible and take steps to protect our pets with vaccinations,” Givens said in a release.

Anyone that notices an animal acting strangely is urged to contact Kerr County Animal Services at 830-257-3100.

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