Forget horoscopes! This 13-year-old pug can predict what kind of day you’re going to have

Noodle, the pug, is trending for his bones or no-bones days

Pictured is a sleeping pug. (Pixabay)

NEW YORK CITY – A 13-year-old pug in New York City is going viral for predicting what kind of day you’re going to have, simply by his mood and the way he gets out of bed every morning.

Noodle doesn’t bark, cry or moan to let you know how your day is going to go. Rather, it all depends on if he actually gets out of bed, or if he slumps back into it.

His owner, Jonathan, simply asks the question, “Is it a bones or no-bones day?” and attempts to help Noodle out of his bed. If Noodle is standing, it’s a bones day, meaning it’ll be a good, solid, productive day.

However, if Noodle is seen slumping back into his bed, appearing to have ‘no bones,’ it’s going to be a no-bones day, meaning a lazy, non-productive and semi-dreary day.

Noodle’s predictions are shared every day on his owner’s TikTok page, accumulating millions of views and thousands of comments. Now, are his predications accurate? I guess that’s for you to decide.

As of Saturday, Oct. 30, Jonathan had over 4.2 million followers and over 42.7 million likes on his page. But, prior to his social media fame, he said in another TikTok video that he had been doing the ritual with Noodles for quite some time.

“I adopted Noodle when he was 7-and-a-half years old, and we learned very early on that when he doesn’t want to go on walkies, he will not go on walkies,” he said in the video.


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Noodle’s next prediction is slated for after Halloween morning, as he is staying with his grandma, according to his owner.

If you want to keep up with Noodle’s forecasts, visit his owner’s TikTok page here, or this Twitter page that tracks his predictions.

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