Avoiding distractions key to avoiding parking lot collisions

AAA Texas says 20% of all crashes occur in parking lots.

SAN ANTONIO – There never seems to be enough time during the holidays. Between work, events and shopping, you easily become distracted. But AAA Texas says the worst place to lose focus is the parking lot.

“Just a moment of distraction or poor judgment by shoppers rushing around can really lead to an unfortunate situation during what should be a really festive time of the year,” said Joshua Zuber, a AAA Texas spokesperson.

The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas sees the most insurance claims, according to AAA Texas insurance data.

Twenty percent of all crashes happen in parking lots, and while the speeds may not be high, the costs can be, Zuber said.

“They can lead to expensive insurance claims for vehicle damage or worse, tragic injuries, if a pedestrian is struck,” Zuber said. “So we at AAA like to remind folks that you know you want to be aware of the hazards around you in a parking lot, and that includes pedestrians and vehicles.”

That includes putting the phone down and being aware of your surroundings. Drivers should especially look out for small children, pets and parents pushing strollers. Also drivers should avoid using shortcuts like driving over parking rows in parking lots.

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