12 On Your Side: CPS bills, fake COVID tests and recalls

This week’s consumer roundup from Marilyn Moritz!


Happy Friday y’all!

Seems like everything is going up, doesn’t it?  Grocery prices, gas prices (up 9 cents just this week) and now your CPS bill.

It’s been several years since the utility raised rates, but this week City Council approved a couple of measures that will cost the average customer about $5 more a month.

It goes into effect March 1, so you’ll see the bigger bill after that - just about the time we’re cranking up the AC. By the way, part of the increase is to help pay for the cost of last year’s winter storm. My teeth chatter just recalling that wonderful week!

Have you looked for a COVID-19 home test kit? With so much demand, they don’t stay on drugstore or grocery shelves very long. Here’s a tip – if you don’t see any in stock, ask the pharmacist or clerk. They may be behind the counter.

If you buy a home test kit online, beware of fakes! That’s a warning from the FTC and FDA. It’s cumbersome to read through, but there is a list of all of the authorized home tests on the FDA website.

And, if you get a call from someone suggesting you need to buy a kit, hang up. It’s a scam beginning to circulate, according to the BBB.

In product recalls, some 370,000 bedrails have been pulled by a couple of companies after the deaths of four elderly people. People can get trapped between the bedrail and the mattress. The rails recalled are Carex brand as well as some from Essential Medical Supply.

Finally, I’m reading plenty of comments and photos on social media about thinned-out shelves in the grocery store. Heads up, some of those photos may not even be current or even local. Yes, there are some issues due to transportation, employee illnesses and more, but from what I see, the stores are far from empty. Hopefully, you can find what  you need and most of what you want. If not, try something new!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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