10-foot snake spotted in Cibolo; serpent to be turned over to Texas Game Wardens

‘What an exciting night for a relatively quiet community,’ resident said

Officers were able to capture the snake using a recycling bin. (Cibolo Police Department)

CIBOLO, Texas – A Cibolo resident ran into an unexpected visitor while out walking his dog Wednesday morning — a huge snake.

Joseph Villarreal told KSAT he was walking his dog around 4:30 a.m. in the Falcon Ridge subdivision when he saw the snake.

He called the local non-emergency police line and said Cibolo and Schertz police showed up to help catch and remove the snake from the street.

Snake was discovered Aug. 10 at the corner of Kitty Hawk and Pilot Point in Cibolo. (Joseph Villarreal)

“When I spoke with the dispatcher, she was taken aback and shocked to hear what I said,” Villarreal said. “When police arrived, they said they heard over the radio and were thinking it was a small snake. All of them were laughing and joking saying, ‘what an exciting night for a relatively quiet community.’”

Cibolo public information officer Rick Mireles confirmed the snake was found at the intersection of Kitty Hawk and Pilot Point.

“The snake was transported to Cibolo Animal Control without incident,” Mireles said.

They are estimating the snake to be between 10 and 12 feet long. The snake hasn’t officially been identified but officials are guessing it’s a reticulated python that could have perhaps been an escaped pet.

Villarreal said officers arrived within five minutes of the snake sighting and used his recycle bin to help wrangle the reptile.

Mireles said the snake will be turned over to Texas Game Wardens.

At approximately 4:30am a resident was out walking his dog and discovered a 10 foot snake at the intersection of Kitty Hawk and Pilot Point. (Cibolo Police Department)

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