Witte Museum exhibition explores history of Brackenridge Park

SAN ANTONIO – An exhibit at the Witte Museum explores the story of Brackenridge Park through maps, photos and artifacts.

The exhibit, “Brackenridge: San Antonio’s Acclaimed Urban Park,” is based on a book by Lewis F. Fisher.

“The book and the exhibit are both divided into three parts. So the ancient history, the first people, the natural history and even the geology of the park. And also the shaping of the park and how it was founded. The land transfer from George Brackenridge and then the modern park what it is today and where its going in the future,” said Beth Stricker, chief creative officer at the Witte Museum.

While the exhibit showcases different images of the past, it sparks the question what’s next for Brackenridge?

“Parts of the park used to be a cement factory or a quarry and now we have the Japanese Tea Garden and the Zoo and the Witte of course,” Stricker said.

This holiday season explore the diverse layers of the park.

“Brackenridge park is of course a treasure part of San Antonio. A lot of families have really intimate connections with this space. But it has a really, long history. So, both the book and the exhibit dive into that history layer by layer,” Stricker said.

The exhibit is open until March 2023.

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