Texas family alerted to bobcat sitting on their fence thanks to Ring camera

Bobcats are a native Texas cat species

A bobcat was recently spotted sitting on a family’s fence outside their home in Frisco thanks to a Ring floodlight camera.

The homeowner told Ring that she got a motion alert from her camera and that’s when she noticed the bobcat on her fence. You can see the video in the media player at the top of this article.

“I was terrified to go outside and didn’t leave my house that day. I wasn’t sure if there were multiple bobcats or just one,” she said.

A press release from Ring stated that the bobcat returned the following day with another bobcat. The pair reportedly stayed in the yard for a few days before moving on.

Bobcats are a native Texas cat species that are found throughout the state.

According to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, they are shy creatures and most active at night, which is why they aren’t commonly seen.

The TruTech Wildlife Service website states that bobcats rarely attack humans, however, they do pose a threat to pets and livestock.

If you see a bobcat on your property, you can contact a local wildlife removal service to remove the animal.

“I absolutely love having Ring cameras around my house, as well as the security system. It definitely makes me feel safer,” the homeowner said.

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