Forensic psychologist weighs in on Andre McDonald testimony

‘I think he believes that this is what’s actually happened,’ Dr. John Delatorre analyzes testimony

SAN ANTONIO – The jury heard shocking details nobody expected to hear as Andre McDonald on Tuesday told his story about what he says happened between him and his wife back in 2019.

Forensic psychologist Dr. John Delatorre, who has no part in the case, analyzed the testimony and assessed McDonald’s demeanor and responses.

“I think he’s someone that believes that this is how it actually went down,” Delatorre said. “I don’t believe him. I don’t think he’s honest at all in his testimony. But I think he believes that this is what’s actually happened.”

During testimony, McDonald, with little emotion or remorse, spoke about how he and his wife got into an argument. He said he pulled her down, kicked her and then disposed of the body.

McDonald kept saying that he was angry at the situation and what his wife, Andreen McDonald, made him do, so he went back to where he dumped her body a day later, lit her on fire, and hit her several times with a hammer.

When asked what he thought about McDonald denying his actions as murder and even blaming his wife for the situation, Delatorre evaluated the following:

“The problem comes in is how does he think of his role with regard to his spouse, if he thinks that he owns her in some way, if he thinks that whatever she does must be controlled by him, that she’s not allowed to have a life outside of him,” Delatorre said. “That’s not narcissism. That’s domestic and intimate partner violence.”

Overall Delatorre didn’t believe McDonald’s testimony and thought it was a “Hail Mary” by the defense.

It will be up to the jury to decide if they believe the same, as they will begin deliberations on Thursday.

If found guilty, McDonald is facing up to life in prison.

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