Leading SA: Brooks Chief Strategy Officer talks community history, plans for future

Officials say Brooks has already surpassed $1.2 billion in completed development

Connie Gonzalez, the Chief Strategy Officer for Brooks, joined Leading SA to discuss the history, the plans, and the vision.

The Brooks community has evolved over the last 21 years and now calls itself San Antonio’s up-and-coming community with a vision as big as Texas.

Connie Gonzalez, the Chief Strategy Officer for Brooks, joined Leading SA to discuss the history, the plans, and the vision.

“Brooks is an economic hub, is truly a model that should be replicated across the city of San Antonio. When the Air Force base closed down almost 21 years ago. The fact that many city leaders, state leaders, and even federal leaders decided to convey the land to one team, which is a Brooks Development Authority, to redevelop 1300 acres was the best thing that could have happened,” Gonzalez said.

As an economic hub, hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in the area.

We have officially surpassed $1.2 billion in development that’s already completed. And I’m happy to report that we have another $425 million in projects underway today. And so, despite the pandemic, we have still been rocking and rolling, and our projects are moving. We’re inviting more people to live, work and play and stay at Brooks in the South side of San Antonio,” Gonzalez said.

The $425,000,000 encompasses a wide variety of projects.

“That’s two class A office buildings totaling 200,000 square feet, again of class A office space. In addition, we have 800,000 square feet underway of light industrial space and the fun stuff that you all want to know about, right? Where are we going to eat and drink? We’re happy to be home of the newest La Gloria, thanks to chef Johnny Hernandez. And joining him soon thereafter will be BJ’s Brewhouse, Outback Steakhouse, Pluckers, Dave’s hot chicken. And I cannot wait to announce the many more concepts that will be inviting to Brooks,” Gonzalez said.

As more people move to Texas and San Antonio, Brooks is making their case for a family destination.

We are a tool to uplift those in our surrounding communities. And so, how are we doing? So we’re attracting businesses, we’re attracting jobs. How are we attracting jobs? By creating all things where you can live, work and play and stay. So we have apartments, we have employers, we have the only full-service hotel, and we have an amazing 43-acre park, which now connects to the San Antonio River Mission. So regional prosperity is what Brooks is all about,” Gonzalez said.

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