Witness details deadly shooting during testimony but can’t identify the killer

Jimmy Tran capital murder trial continues in 186th District Court

SAN ANTONIO – An eyewitness to a 2019 murder testified about the shooting but couldn’t identify the shooter while on the stand.

The Jimmy Tran capital murder trial continued Wednesday with testimony from a man identified to the court as Mr. Dolan.

Dolan said he lived on the streets and on Aug. 12, 2019, while talking to a friend behind a Northeast Side shopping center, he witnessed a shooting.

He said he noticed a Wingstop employee walk up to a white car and then heard gunshots.

“I kind of just sat there,” Dolan said.

He said after he saw the shooting, two men got back into the white vehicle and sped away.

Dolan was also able to identify that the driver of the white vehicle shot with a rifle and the passenger used a pistol.

During cross-examination, the defense focused on asking Dolan at least three times if Tran was one of the shooters.

Dolan answered each time that he didn’t believe Tran was the shooter.

Tran is facing up to life in prison without parole if found guilty. Codefendant Sebastian Espinar has since taken a plea deal for 25 years in exchange for his testimony against Tran.

Espinar’s testimony could begin on Thursday.


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