1.2 million people visited San Antonio Missions last year, spent nearly $100 million in communities

Visitor spending supported 1,540 jobs, NPS says

Pictured is Mission San Jose in San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. (Photo provided by National Park Service) (�2018 VISIO photography)

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Missions National Historical Park brought in 1.2 million visitors last year, resulting in millions of dollars benefiting the local economy, a report states.

The new report from the National Park Service states that in 2022, visitors spent $98.3 million in communities near the landmarks. They include Missions Concepción, San José, San Juan and Espada, located on the South Side along the San Antonio River.

Visitor spending supported 1,540 jobs and resulted in the cumulative benefit of $155 million to the local economy, a news release states.

“People come to San Antonio Missions National Historical Park to visit the historic architectural structures, its surrounding natural and cultural resources, and to learn about the complex stories that built these communities,” Superintendent Christine Jacobs said in the release. “We recognize that this tourism is a critical driver to the local economy, bringing 1,540 jobs and $155 million revenue to communities within 60 miles of the park.”

National Park Service Director Chuck Sams said national parks across the country bring in more than 300 million visitors every year, supporting 378,400 jobs. Visitor spending resulted in a cumulative benefit of $50.3 billion.

“The impact of tourism to national parks is undeniable: bringing jobs and revenue to communities in every state in the country and making national parks an essential driver to the national economy,” Sams said.

The lodging business benefits the most, followed by the food and beverage industry.

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